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Common Sense Solutions

Not Politics



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During his youth, Mike Moore was frequently reminded by his father, “If you have the ability to effect change, the burden is on you to do it.” Mike has enjoyed being part of Ankeny's growth since moving here in 2010, and that growth is one of the reasons he is running for mayor. Mike recognizes that Ankeny's growth presents both challenges and a unique opportunity to make a statement in Iowa and the rest of the country that celebrates growth, progress, and unity. Mike wants to use his ability to connect and unite people to take our community to the next level.

Mike committed to serving others, such as helping to further the FOCUSS program’s mission, helping to create Ankeny Strong and the “Together We Stand” event, a day of Ankeny helping Ankeny and celebrating what Ankeny has to offer as a community. There is no table that Mike isn't willing to sit at. As Mike says, "You have to want to be there knowing you can make a difference.” Mike wants to sit at the table, not for himself but to represent and unify our community. Given his diverse background, Mike Moore knows that a new perspective is needed: “Looking at things through the same goggles of the past is detrimental to the future.” Mike wants to connect people who have been marginalized and unite them with our broader community. 

Mike Moore is eager to give back to his community and wants to use his experiences from the past to create a better present. Mike spent many years playing and coaching football.  In sports, individuals come together to execute a common goal. Mike wants to put a team together and relentlessly grow and rebuild that team. “Everyone has a position. We will all play a part in the game.” As mayor, Mike Moore’s goal is to unite. To this end, he plans to “utilize the city's resources for prosperity and growth in order to help all people" because "that’s what good Coaches and good Mayors do.

Finding solutions to Ankeny's challenges together.


Growth Issues

The population is growing so fast that city infrastructure is lagging behind. In the last 10 years, Ankeny has seen a considerable growth with persons of color made up of all nationalities. Representation and inclusion are paramount to this community.  Mike Moore is part of that community and we are a part of Ankeny. Ankeny is currently growing at a rate of 3.03% annually and its population has increased by 57.01% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 45,582 in 2010. Ankeny reached its highest population of 71,569 in 2021. In addition to this, city planning needs to meet the needs of the people. It's important for the people in charge of the city to stay connected with the citizens.


We need to be sure Ankeny is an example not only to the State of Iowa but also to the nation. In schools, Ankeny needs to make sure that every student feels welcome. But we can't stop there. The City of Ankeny needs to seek a more diverse pool of applicants to fill its positions, whether that's in our school systems, political offices, or restaurants. The makeup of our City employees needs to reflect its citizens. 


LGBTQ+ Safe Space

Ankeny, like every community, has many individuals that fall somewhere in the LGBTQ+ community. This means that we have to be inclusive to them as well. This could entail creating a Pride parade for Ankeny or other Pride events. There are definitely members of our community who are LGBTQ+ who might not feel included, maybe in schools or living in your neighborhood. We need to do everything we can to make sure that they feel included and welcome and are happy to call Ankeny their home.


Dagan Katherine at the Ankeny Strong Event, LGBTQ Booth

"I plan to work on each item on my list everyday for the people of Ankeny. By addressing each of these items I feel and the numbers will be the true tale of the tape. The City of Ankeny will continue to grow at a faster rate than ever seen in its 146 years." - Mike Moore

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